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Recent design projects I have worked on – references are available upon request.
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CAP Studios Miami

Role: Sales brochure design, website redesign


Ney Rosauro

Role: Website redesign, e-commerce overhaul using WordPress+WooCommerce

Composer, percussionist, and educator Ney Rosauro approached me for a redesign and creation of new workflows for checkout on his website, as well as a new method for renting music that would later expand streams of revenue from his music.


More Web projects

Staff Art Publishing / Gary Lindsay

Composer and arranger Gary Lindsay had an issue with his website: his checkout process was convoluted and he was losing potential buyers because of how difficult it was for them to order his widely-referenced book, “Jazz Arranging Techniques.” We met in 2014 and devised a way to implement WooCommerce in his WordPress site in order to minimize friction between customer and website, and to allow him to free up many hours of labor, which he had to spend fixing checkout mistakes. He also got a swanky website re-design in the process! 😉

VIPA Festival

In late 2017, Carlos Amat and Jorge Grossmann invited me into their team at VIPA to become their new festival coordinator, and I was excited to join their prestigious Composition Program! The new hire came with the task of re-designing VIPA’s website in order to match the new logo. Today, we’re still continuously making this site better to facilitate promotion for the program and easy application for prospective participants.

Michael Klotz

Though we knew each other from FIU (where I was a student once), Mike and I had never talked about his website. When we discussed his needs in 2015, Mike had not had his website reviewed or updated in a long time, and was in need of having something easily-updatable and that looked a lot fresher than what he had before. We ended up with a sharp-looking website that represents him well and gets him a lot of compliments! Nothing short of what a world-class musician like Mike should have.

I am an artist with a passion for telling stories through images and sound. Since 2008 I have had a hand in shaping these stories for clients in a variety of industries, from music and education, to food distribution. If you think I can help, say hello at emmanuel@berri.do