Moving and Static

For all videos, film and post-production by Emmanuel Berrido. For Lindsey Eastham’s performance of “Spirit Song,” and videos for the Valencia International Performance Academy & Festival, audio also recorded by Emmanuel Berrido. For the Panamei Seafood recipe videos, recipes and food styling by Loredana Tritto. For the Mambo Tostones video, food styling by Sumey Hageman.


Lindsey Eastham: Barry Sharp’s “Spirit Song”

Client: Lindsey Eastham


Mambo Tostones: “Party Crunch”


Client: Quirch Foods, Co.


Panamei Seafood: Web Recipes

Client: Panamei Seafood


Valencia International Performance Academy – Composition program Performances

Client: Valencia International Performance Academy


Photography: People


Photography: Food (YUM!)

I am an artist with a passion for telling stories through images and sound. Since 2008 I have had a hand in shaping these stories for clients in a variety of industries, from music and education, to food distribution. If you think I can help, say hello at